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  1. Knowledge Base Digest - October 2021

  2. Knowledge Base Digest - September 2021

  3. Introducing Our New Status Page

    Today we’re pleased to announce the newWatchGuard Technologies status page.

    People across the globe trust WatchGuard’s products and services to keep their users, devices, and networks secure. We understand it can be frustrating when things aren’t working as expected and you don’t have any insights into the issue. That’s why we designed our new status page to provide simple, relevant, and timely information about scheduled maintenance events and unexpected service interruptions.

    Navigating our new status page

    We deliver WatchGuard’s services from different locations around the world. This means that an event affecting partners and users in the Americas may not impact those in Europe. At the top of our status page, you’ll see top-level regional status in the selector and can filter to the details relevant to you by clicking.

    In each region, you’ll find the current status separated by products and the major features that they provide. Every line has a simple status indicator to communicate its condition:

    • Green Check Mark: Systems Operational
         Everything is working as expected.
    • Yellow Triangle: Performance Degraded
         Everything is working but may be slow or degraded in some way.
    • Orange Triangle: Minor Event
         Some users are experiencing a service interruption, but services are working for others.
    • Red Exclamation Circle: Major Event
         Most users are experiencing a service interruption.
    • Blue Gear: Under Maintenance
         We’re performing scheduled maintenance that could impact your experience.
    Image of status page region selector and status details


    Also, following the above information, we’ll show any upcoming maintenance along with past events.

    Image of status page maintenance event and past event sections


    We strive for perfect operational performance

    We know that you rely on us to provide industry-leading cybersecurity protection and to quickly identify, triage, communicate, and fix issues when they inevitably arise. This new status page is one of the many improvements we’re currently working on to serve you better and increase the reliability of our products. We hope this page makes it easier for you to find all the details you want, and we appreciate the opportunity to meet your security needs.

    Next Steps: Please bookmark our new status page and make it your first visit any time you run into an issue relating to one of the monitored services.

  4. Upcoming WGID Maintenance

    WatchGuard is working on some important maintenance to our services.

    On 17 September 2021, starting at 11:30pm UTC WatchGuard will be performing maintenance that may cause service interruptions, as well as some small changes to the product. The duration of this maintenance is expected to last from 17 September 2021 through end of day on 20 September 2021.

    You will notice a few impacts while using WatchGuard services as we update and consolidate the underlying Identity Providers we use. Some changes will only persist during the maintenance period, and some will persist after the maintenance period is complete.

    These impacts include:

    During the maintenance period, on Saturday, September 18, 2021 from 12am UTC to 1am UTC you may experience an inability to log into WatchGuard Cloud. If you are already logged in, your session should not be interrupted. We expect these service interruptions to be less than one hour. If you anticipate needing to access WatchGuard Cloud during this maintenance window, we suggest you start a new session in WatchGuard Cloud 2 hours before the maintenance begins.

    During the maintenance period, from Friday, September, 17th, 2021 11:30pm UTC to Saturday, September 18th 2021 3am UTC you may experience service interruptions with WatchGuard services like Activations, Rapid Deploy, Partner Portal and Support Center access, changing passwords, Account Mapping between WatchGuard and Panda, WiFi Cloud Logins, User Forum and the Learning Center.

    In some instances after the maintenance period is complete, you may need to log in to certain WatchGuard services twice. For example, if you have logged in to and navigate to DNSWatch, you will be asked for your login information again. Services where you will notice this behavior are:

    • DNSWatch
    • Learning Center
    • Aether
    • WiFi Cloud

    After the maintenance period is complete, the user interface of some login pages might appear slightly different than what you are used to.

    After the maintenance period is complete, the URLs of some login pages may have changed so you will need to update your bookmarks.

    The benefits of this maintenance are:

    • Better Availability - This maintenance will enable higher availability for WatchGuard ID.
    • Increased Security - These improvements will facilitate the use of AuthPoint MFA for Tier N users for the first time. (Coming Soon!)
    • Common login user interface - This maintenance will allow for common login pages across all WatchGuard services and applications.

    We appreciate your patience as we work to improve WatchGuard services!

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